Latest Reports Show Mistreatment Of California Nursing Homes Residents And Staff

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By Manny Valladares | AirTalk | April 13, 2021

At Griffith Park Healthcare Center in Glendale, a certified nursing assistant was charged with raping a patient. The nursing home received an “immediate jeopardy” for the incident. CHAVA SANCHEZ/LAIST

At a nursing home in Glendale, a certified nursing assistant was charged with raping a mentally ill patient in her room. After the incident, according to investigators, the victim said she felt “scared, sad, wanted to kill herself.”

At a facility in Simi Valley, the daughter of one elderly resident told LAist that staff didn’t adequately care for her mother, who developed a gruesome bedsore. “I could stick my pinky in it,” she said. “It was down to the bone.”

At a nursing home in Compton, a schizophrenic patient with one leg was inappropriately discharged. He went missing, only to turn up two weeks later in a park, unconscious, under his wheelchair. Regulators charged that the facility’s lapses presented “imminent danger or a substantial probability” that if the man hadn’t been found, he would have suffered grave harm, even death.

All three nursing homes are connected to ReNew Health Group, a fast-growing chain of skilled nursing facilities founded in 2014 and headquartered in Southern California. ReNew Health and its CEO, Crystal Solorzano, own or are affiliated with at least 26 facilities throughout the state. Solorzano owns, or is applying to own, the majority of them; in five other facilities her company has been involved in management or in administration. The network stretches from Orange County to the Central Valley to the Bay Area.

In its short time caring for California’s most vulnerable — many of them elderly and mentally ill — the company has racked up an inordinate number of red flags and citations, many for infractions known as “Immediate Jeopardies,” the most severe federal citation a nursing home can receive.

Today on AirTalk, we talk to reporters from LAist and CalMatters to discuss their reporting on issues residents and workers have faced in nursing homes across California, as well as get legal insights on the subject. Questions? Call us at 866-893-5722.

With files from LAist. Read more here.

We reached out to the California Association of Health Facilities, the non profit trade association that represents skilled-nursing facilities and intermediate-care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities across the state of California, but they declined our interview request.


Aaron Mendelson, investigative reporter at KPCC; he tweets @a_mendelson

Elly Yu, investigative reporter at KPCC; she tweets @ellywyu

Jocelyn Weiner, health reporter for CalMatters, her latest piece is “California oversight of nursing homes called ‘befuddling,’ ‘broken’”, she tweets @jocelynwiener

Mike Dark, staff attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform