Nursing Home Staffing: Research Highlights Relationship Between COVID-19 and Staffing

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Courtesy of The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care 

Consumers have long believed that adequate numbers of well trained staff are essential to quality of care and quality of life.  Their advocacy has focused for many years on a staffing standard and the importance of RN coverage.  Sadly, COVID-19 has shown the disparities between facilities in alarming ways, and the factors in COVID-19’s spread are being examined by researchers.  Two studies by Dr. Charlene Harrington and Dr. Yue Li look carefully at the relationship between staffing and COVID-19 spread.  The research findings also address the importance of RN staffing and point out racial disparities in nursing home care.

Harrington and Yi will explain their recent findings and what they tell us about COVID-19, facilities and residents. There will be discussion on how these findings can be applied to consumer advocacy on the state and national level. The importance of additional consumer driven research will be highlighted.

Target Audience:

  • Nursing Home Consumers including families, friends and residents
  • Advocates including ombudsmen, Citizen Group Members, national and state organizations, and concerned individuals
  • Researchers focused on long term care issues and the impact of COVID-19
  • Policy makers concerned about nursing home residents